The Joys of Groupsex : the mmf

Thinking of venturing beyond the standard M + F scenario with a partner or fuckbuddy? Hell yeah bring someone over babe but not many younger guys are comfortable and confident with Mmf threesomes so chose one carefully. Most people dont venture into group fun until there 30s, if at all. I'm pretty good at making group stuff relaxed and natural but nothing worse than guys who aren't ready for it making it into a joke or acting over aggressive to cover their nerves- they assume the harder they fuck me the more they come off as confident, still using pornos as their only reference. I don't like egomaniacal shauvenist boys who still think being naked around another dude makes you a homo, or making a chic scream for you to stop or slow down makes him more hardcore than she can handle, or proof his Cock is big. Basically get a guy who only cares about the other guys cock if its not helping his cock make the chic go off with orgasmic pleasure, and offers encouragement, instead of using the other guys shortcomings to boost his own ego. The whole point to a Mmf is for mm to get sexual satisfaction as a result of seeing what heights of pleasure they can take F to, particularly focusing on activities which can only be achieved with an extra M. Trust me, you DONT have to be super talented porn studs to blow F s mind with orgasms, the fact there's two guys genuine about giving her pleasure is enough to take her there. 

And you may be thinking isn't it every guys fantasy and more fun to have ffm? In reality it's a lot of work and nowhere near as fun as mmf, all my mature (40 somethings) clients who I enjoy group stuff with give me the same answer... Mmf is less work to achieve what the whole thing is really about: the pleasure of watching a chic get off and the satisfaction of knowing you helped get her there. Because everyone agrees that a woman getting her rocks righteously off is never a bad thing.